Ohio finds 77 noncitizens voted in 2018

A review of Ohio's ballots from the 2018 election reportedly found that just 77 votes — about 0.002 percent of the total — were determined to have been cast by noncitizens.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R) announced Thursday that his office found that the 77 votes had all been cast by people who were in the U.S. legally, adding that they had been referred to prosecutors for possible charges, CNN reported.

A total of 354 illegal voter registrations were uncovered by the review, according to CNN, though that still represents just 0.004 percent of the more than 8 million registered Ohio voters.


"Both voter fraud and voter suppression are exceedingly rare and certainly not as systemic as some claim," LaRose said Thursday. "However, neither are ever acceptable — even in rare or isolated instances. The only way to continue this high standard is by committing to enforce the law when it is broken."

A spokeswoman with the Ohio League of Women Voters threw cold water on the secretary's announcement, telling CNN that she suspected many of the cases would not result in convictions.

"We take these numbers as a grain of salt," the group's director told CNN, adding: "It's in all of our best interest to avoid cases like this that very well may just be caused by language barriers or confusion over legal systems by immigrants. We do need to look at these cases, but also prevent these cases in the future."

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