New Jersey high school in a 'shelter in place' after threat: report

New Jersey high school in a 'shelter in place' after threat: report
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Princeton High School is currently in a “shelter in place” procedure after the school district received an “unconfirmed” threat Friday morning, according to the Cranberry Press News

The New Jersey school’s students are safe. 

The procedure was enacted after the school received a threat via phone at approximately 11 a.m. Friday. The Princeton Police Department was called shortly after the incident occurred. 


A shelter in place, similar to a lock-down procedure, occurs when there is a present threat. Students and faculty are asked to find a safe space and stay there until further instruction.

“We were called there for a general threat for a threat that was made by phone to the high school this morning,” said a Princeton Police Department official, according to the local news outlet. 

Princeton Public Schools Superintendent Steve Cocrane later expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of his pupils, as well as the coordination and safety measures provided by the police force. 

“I am grateful for the support of our police and the calm and cooperation of our students and staff,” Cocrane said in the report.