Democrats push to flip legislative chambers in at least seven states in 2020: report

Democrats push to flip legislative chambers in at least seven states in 2020: report
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A Democratic group has reportedly pinpointed seven state legislatures it will try to flip to blue following Democrats' recent victory in Virginia.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), which focuses on statehouse races, will make the legislatures of Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa its main targets for 2020, The Washington Post reported Friday. 

In many of those states, just a handful of seats are needed to flip in order for the Democrats to gain control of one or both chambers.  


The DLCC aims to spend $50 million in 2020, according to The Post. 

“We have a generational opportunity to flip state legislatures from red to blue,” DLCC president Jessica Post told the newspaper. “We’ve seen this gridlock in Washington, that hopefully will not continue, but if it does ... we want progress. We’ve got to see it happen in the states.”

Republican State Leadership Committee spokesperson Dave Abrams told the newspaper that his organization is prepared to respond to the Democratic effort.

“Republicans’ success nationally for the next decade depends squarely on our party’s success in the states next year,” Abrams said. “Our team is laser focused on winning these critical races.”

In recent years, Democrats have been able to gain significant increases in power at the state and local level.

The Post reported that Democrats have picked up 435 seats in state legislatures and nine governorships over the past three years. The party was also able to win control of House chambers in in New York, Connecticut, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Washington and Maine.

This year, Democrats took control of Virginia's state House and Senate and have total control of its government for the first time since 1993.