Gun rights group files emergency appeal on weapons ban at Virginia rally

A pair of gun rights groups on Friday filed an emergency appeal of a judge's ruling that upheld the governor of Virginia's ban on firearms at a pro-gun rally scheduled at the state's Capitol on Monday, The Associated Press reports.

The emergency appeal from Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Owners of America came after Richmond Circuit Judge Joi Taylor rejected the initial injunction filed by the groups.

In their appeal, the groups argue: “Without relief from this court, petitioners and thousands of other rally participants will be irreparably denied their right to bear arms."


Taylor's ruling came hours after the FBI announced the arrest of three suspected neo-Nazis in Maryland who planned to protest Virginia gun control measures.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) lauded Taylor's ruling, saying, “I took this action to protect Virginians from credible threats of violence."

“These threats are real — as evidenced by reports of neo-Nazis arrested this morning after discussing plans to head to Richmond with firearms," he added.

It is unclear when the court would hear the group's appeal, according to the AP.