ICE subpoenas Oregon sheriff's office for info on 2 Mexican inmates

ICE subpoenas Oregon sheriff's office for info on 2 Mexican inmates
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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Tuesday subpoenaed the Washington County, Ore., Sheriff’s Office for further detail about two Mexican nationals, the latest standoff between federal and local officials over immigration enforcement.

The agency served the subpoenas to the sheriff’s office in the suburbs of Portland, seeking further information about the two men, who are wanted by the federal government for deportation, the Associated Press reported, citing ICE spokeswoman Tanya Roman.

The first was sentenced to more than six years in an Oregon prison on sexual abuse charges and was transferred to a county jail in January, after which the agency filed an immigration detainer asking the facility to hold him. Roman said the unnamed man faces further charges of sexual misconduct.


The second man was released from the county jail in late 2019 after completing a sentence for driving under the influence.

Oregon passed the nation’s first so-called sanctuary state law in 1987, barring local law enforcement from detaining undocumented immigrants who have not broken any other laws. Oregon law enforcement also do not detain those who have committed other crimes to await immigration agents after they complete their sentences without a warrant from a judge.

ICE has filed similar subpoenas for other states with sanctuary policies such as California, Colorado, Connecticut and New York, and the Department of Homeland Security has also barred New Yorkers from its Trusted Traveler program over a state law that withholds state DMV data from DHS.