Andrew Cuomo: Brother's coronavirus diagnosis shows importance of social distancing

New York Gov. Andrew CuomoAndrew CuomoGovernors brace for 2022 after year in pandemic spotlight Tucker Carlson says he lies when 'I'm really cornered or something' Judge blocks NY state vaccine mandate for medical workers MORE (D) said Tuesday that his brother CNN anchor Chris CuomoChris CuomoTucker Carlson says he lies when 'I'm really cornered or something' American describes being left behind in Kabul: 'I don't believe in anybody anymore' Chris Cuomo's revisionist history MORE’s diagnosis of COVID-19 shows the importance of social distancing. 

Andrew Cuomo commented on his brother’s Tuesday diagnosis at his daily press conference, saying “there’s a lesson” in his contraction of the coronavirus.

“He is going to be fine; he’s young, in good shape, strong — not as strong as he thinks — but he will be fine," he said. "But there’s a lesson in this."


The New York governor said his brother had been “out there” as an essential worker and a member of the press, putting him at risk of contracting the virus. 

“The reason I raise it is he’s smart. He’s social distancing, yes, but you wind up exposing yourself,” the governor said. “People wind up exposing you, and then they find out they're positive a couple of days later.”

Andrew Cuomo also discussed his disagreements with his brother over his mother staying at the CNN anchor’s house two weeks ago. The governor said his brother was “acting out of love,” but said he had cautioned that their mother, the former first lady of New York, Matilda Cuomo, could be exposed to the virus. 

He said the family would have been in a “much different situation” if she had stayed and likely would have contracted the virus from Chris Cuomo. 

“Now he’s quarantined in the basement, but he’s funny as heck, he says to me, ‘Even the dogs won’t come downstairs,’” the governor said, adding that his brother will be in quarantine for two weeks.

“But it’s my family. It’s your family. It’s all of our families,” Andrew Cuomo said. “And this virus is that insidious.”

The coronavirus has devastated New York state, infecting more than 75,700 people and leading to 1,550 deaths, the governor said during the Tuesday press conference. There were 9,298 new cases and 332 more deaths.