Second NJ man accused of stealing N95 masks intended for hospital

Second NJ man accused of stealing N95 masks intended for hospital
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A second man in New Jersey has been charged with stealing up to 1,600 N95 masks that were donated to a local hospital. 

Stephen Milligan, 54, was charged with conspiring with Kevin BradyKevin Patrick BradyHouse fires back at Trump by passing ObamaCare expansion Congress set for fight over expiring unemployment relief House Republican offers bill to create 'return to work bonus' MORE, 49, who was charged last month, to allegedly steal the masks from a warehouse occupied by Prudential Financial in March, the New Jersey attorney general’s office and New Jersey State Police announced Friday in a joint statement.

Both Milligan and Brady worked as on-site electrical contractors who had access to storage areas in the facility, according to law enforcement. 


The two men allegedly stole seven to eight cases of masks, each containing 200 respirators, between March 27 and April 1. Prudential Financial intended to donate the masks from its emergency stockpile to local hospitals. 

State law enforcement has started "cracking down" on coronavirus-related crimes such as coughing and spitting assaults, price gouging, and the theft of protective equipment.

“We’re cracking down on those who jeopardize public health and undermine public safety,” New Jersey Attorney General Grewal said in a statement. “We have zero patience for those who spit on cops, gouge prices, or try to exploit this pandemic for their personal gain.”