Billboard for Baltimore mayor vandalized with message calling for no rent

Billboard for Baltimore mayor vandalized with message calling for no rent
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A billboard for the campaign of Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young (D) was vandalized by activists calling for officials to cancel rent due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday that the billboard, which also was altered to read "f--- the police," typically displays Young's name next to the picture of the mayor, who took office last year. A spokesperson for Young told the Sun that the mayor had seen the message, and was focused on efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak.


“The mayor is aware of the alterations to the billboard,” Myles Handy told the Sun. “However his sole focus remains the health and safety of Baltimore’s residents, and leading the city through his pandemic.”

The vandalism comes less than a month before the state's Democratic primary, when Young will face off against a slew of opponents including Sheila Dixon (D), a previous mayor of the city.

A police spokesperson would not confirm to the newspaper when the vandalism would be covered up.

Many states and localities including Baltimore have moved to halt evictions and rent increases during the coronavirus outbreak, but many left-leaning activists have called for leaders to go further and order rent to be canceled altogether during the crisis.

Tens of thousands of Americans participated in a rent strike this week, declining to pay their rent in the hopes of spurring government action.