Police in New Jersey used batons, pepper spray to disperse crowd

Police in New Jersey used batons, pepper spray to disperse crowd
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Police in New Jersey used batons and pepper spray to break up a crowd, according to a video reported by NBC News on Wednesday. 

The 40-second video clip, also shared on Twitter, shows police using force to break up a crowd that was gathering in Jersey City. 

Police were dispatched to Bostwick Avenue after a third call came in regarding a street fight, Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly said during a news conference Wednesday. 


“From all of the video that I’ve seen,” Kelly said, noting social media posts and police officer body cam video, “officers ... used exactly the force necessary to bring this situation to a close.” 

Asked whether the fight was ongoing when officers arrived at the scene, Public Safety Director James Shea said authorities are still recovering video from the scene, but said that some videos being posted are “clearly edited.”

Patrice Louis, a 22-year-old who lives on the street where the incident occurred and recorded videos of the altercation between residents and officers, told NBC News a fight broke out between two brothers. 

"Before the police even came to the area, the fight had broken up. It was done," he told NBC. "The police got there and things escalated."

Shea said an officer used an expandable baton on men wrestling with police officers after pepper spray was deployed but had no effect. 

Shea also said that the incident is being investigated, as are all incidents that involve force, but no specific officers are being investigated. 

Three adults and two juveniles were arrested, NBC reported, citing city spokesman Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione.