Texas man fired over 'threatening and offensive post' about Whole Foods face mask policy

A Texas man was fired from his law firm over a "threatening and offensive post" he allegedly made on social media about a Whole Foods face mask policy.

The law firm, Thompson & Knight, did not immediately name the employee but released a statement on Facebook last Friday announcing that the man was terminated from his job and that police had been notified.

"This afternoon we learned that an administrative employee of the firm issued a threatening and offensive post on a personal social media account related to COVID-19 mask protection," the statement said. 


The firm condemned the former employee's post, calling it "a complete violation of the values of our firm, including our commitment to the health and safety of the communities we serve."

On Wednesday, Kelby Luther, the chief marketing officer for the firm, told NBC the man who made the threat is Kevin Bain, a document services manager for the firm in Dallas.

According to a screenshot of Bain's post obtained by NBC, he said on social media:

"No more masks. Any business that tells me to put on a mask (Whole Foods on Lomo Alto) in Dallas will get told to kiss my Corona ass ... Do I have to show the lame security guard outside of a ghetto store my CV19 test results? With Hornady hollow points. Pricey ammo, but worth it in this situation. They have reached the limit. I have more power than they do.....they just don't know it yet."

Bain was reportedly frustrated by Whole Foods's policy requiring customers to wear face masks before entering the store. A statement from the company indicates the store provides customers with masks at the front door if they do not already have one.

Lt. Lance Koppa, a police spokesman in Highland Park near the Whole Foods referenced in Bain's post, said the department was investigating the situation, NBC reported.