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Elderly man appears unconscious, bleeding from ear after shoved to ground by Buffalo, NY police

An elderly man was shoved by a police officer in Buffalo, N.Y., Thursday, resulting in an apparent head injury that caused him to bleed from one of his ears and rendered him unconscious. 

In a graphic video shot by a WBFO journalist, the man is seen slowly approaching the police until one officer tells him to move and pushes him. 

A person can be heard yelling “He’s bleeding out of his ear!” and calling for medics. The man is seen laying on his back with blood spilling from his head. 

“Why the f— you walking up on me,” one officer said, as the group of policemen dressed in what appears to be riot gear continued walking. The officers then immediately arrested another man holding a “Black Lives Matter” sign with his arms up.


The Buffalo Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill. 

In a statement to WBFO, the police department said “a 5th person was arrested during a skirmish with other protestors and also charged with disorderly conduct. During that skirmish involving protestors, one person was injured when he tripped & fell.”

It’s unclear if the statement is referring to the elderly man who was shoved by police officers in the video. 

According to WBFO, two officers involved have been immediately suspended without pay by Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood. The man in the video is reportedly in stable condition at a Buffalo hospital.

Nick Pacilio, a spokesperson for Twitter, said the video was viewed 3.5 million times within an hour after it as uploaded.

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