NYT editorial board tells de Blasio to 'open your eyes, the police are out of control'

NYT editorial board tells de Blasio to 'open your eyes, the police are out of control'
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The New York Times editorial board slammed New York Mayor Bill de BlasioBill de BlasioNew York City's suicide mission should alarm the entire nation How education entitlements can worsen racial disparities Five states account for nearly 44 percent of new US COVID-19 cases MORE (D) in a Friday op-ed over his defense of the New York Police Department (NYPD) after multiple reported instances of them using excessive force amid recent protests against police brutality and racial inequality.

“New York's mayor, Bill de Blasio, is responsible for the city’s failure to protect the safety of its residents,” the board wrote in a piece titled “Mayor de Blasio, Open Your Eyes. The Police Are Out of Control.”

“As evidence of police abuse has mounted, he has averted his eyes, insisting Thursday that the Police Department uses as ‘light a touch as possible,’” they wrote, referring to comments de Blasio made at a press conference. 


The NYPD has faced scrutiny in recent days over its handling of protests, including criticism of one video showing two police cruisers lurching through protesters and another of an officer pushing a woman to the ground.

“Officers have been allowed to behave in a manner that disgraces their mission to protect and serve, and violates the public trust,” the board wrote.

The board also came for New York Gov. Andrew CuomoAndrew CuomoNew Mexico governor signs marijuana legalization bill As the Chauvin trial continues, the US must reinvent public safety Police reforms are a minefield, even in progressive communities MORE (D), who has been critical of NYPD leadership but stood by officers.

“Open your eyes, Mr. Cuomo,” the Times wrote.