Thomas Jefferson statue toppled in Oregon

Thomas Jefferson statue toppled in Oregon
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A statue of Thomas Jefferson was reportedly toppled Sunday night outside a high school in Portland, Ore., named for the former president. 

The statue's base was spray painted with the phrase “slave owner," as well as George Floyd’s name before the statue was toppled, according to local reports

Jefferson High School was reportedly the starting point for a march organized by Rose City Justice as part of the nationwide demonstrations over police brutality sparked by the killing of Floyd. 


Organizers spoke to the crowd gathered in front of the statue, which had already been spray painted, KOIN-TV, a CBS affiliate, reported

After the march moved on from the school, the statue was toppled by demonstrators, according to the reports. 

Across the country, there have been calls to reevaluate and take down statues of certain figures, particularly those associated with slavery. 

Jefferson, America's third president, owned hundreds of slaves in his lifetime.

In many states, protesters have vandalized status commemorating Confederate figures. Some lawmakers have also supported demonstrators' efforts and called for such statues to be removed.

The Jefferson statue’s removal follows two pioneer statues at the University of Oregon that were toppled on Saturday evening. The Pioneer Man and Pioneer Mother statues were taken down from their pedestals by protesters, the school said in a statement.