Police investigating after Arizona man says he was beaten by men yelling 'white power'

Police investigating after Arizona man says he was beaten by men yelling 'white power'
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Authorities are investigating after an Arizona man said he was beaten by men yelling "white power."

Oscar "Sammy" Goodman, 43, from Phoenix, said he was attacked by men saying racist phrases on a basketball court last month. The attack resulted in Goodman being rushed to the hospital for multiple wounds, fractures and a concussion, according to the Arizona Republic.

The attack occurred June 28 in Scottsdale, with police releasing a statement Monday asking the public for help and information about the suspects involved in the incident.


According to the Scottsdale Police Department statement, police describe the report as "possibly a racially motivated biased crime," adding that they are investigating the incident as an aggravated assault.

"At this point in the investigation, there is not enough evidence to confirm or deny these reports. What we do know is that Mr. Goodman has significant injuries and we are asking for the public's help with any information related to this incident," authorities said. 

Goodman stopped at a park the night of the incident to shoot free throws before heading home from his work shift. He had set his phone down to record videos of his shots, indicating he was alone before the attack.

Shortly after he arrived on the court, Goodman said he was hit in the jaw without notice or warning.

"The next thing I remember is being on my back, and I could feel a couple teeth rolling around in my mouth," Goodman said.

He said he could feel hot blood running down his face, at which point he heard one of his attackers yelling about "white power."


Goodman drove home that evening to Phoenix, but said he was so worn out by his injuries that he did not "even remember driving home."

"Unfortunately, due to his injuries, he has very little recollection of the event at this time," according to the police statement.

His sister says she contacted him the next morning and drove him to the hospital, where doctors said he incurred several visible cuts on his head and chin, a fractured jaw in two places, and multiple broken ribs and a concussion.

With the help of his friend Kenny Sylvester, Goodman filed a police report July 1 after saying they had delayed going to authorities out of concern that police would not help.

A GoFundMe was created for Goodman and passed its $10,000 goal, reaching nearly $35,000 to help support him and his recoveries.

The reported attack comes as the country is dealing with large protests over racial inequality following the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.