Oklahoma officials say infected student knowingly went to class

Oklahoma officials say infected student knowingly went to class
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Officials at an Oklahoma school district said a student knowingly came to school last week on the first day of classes with COVID-19.

The Moore Public School District was made aware of the incident by an anonymous tip to administrators on Thursday, the school’s public information officer told KFOR, a local NBC affiliate. 

The student told school officials that “they were under the understanding that since they were asymptomatic, that they did not need to quarantine for the full 14-day-period,” the outlet reported.


Jones said when the students' parents were asked, they said they miscalculated the end of their child’s quarantine.

A student at the high school also tested positive for the virus, along with a high school coach who tested positive before school began and is still quarantining, KFOR reported.

Jones told the outlet 22 other students came in close contact with the two students who tested positive and are now quarantining for 14 days. 

The schools were set to reopen Monday after undergoing deep cleaning over the weekend, according to the report. 

A number of states have started to reopen schools for in-person learning after mass closures nationwide around March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Other schools have opted for virtual or hybrid learning options in efforts to continue to mitigate the spread of the virus.