Gun rights activists wear British Revolutionary War costumes to Michigan protest

Gun rights activists wear British Revolutionary War costumes to Michigan protest
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Nearly 1,000 demonstrators on Thursday gathered on the Michigan State Capitol lawn, with some people wearing British Revolutionary War Costumes, to protest a recent effort to ban guns from the Capitol building. 

According to Newsweek, protesters outside the Capitol building in Lansing were heavily-armed, with some waving Confederate flags and Trump campaign banners, and others wearing body armor and carrying AR-15 weapons. 

Michigan Live reported that the rally’s speakers focused on the right to openly carry guns. While planned weeks prior, Thursday’s rally came days after the six-member Michigan State Capitol Commission voted down two proposals that would have imposed weapons bans in the state Capitol building. 


“Whether you decide to open carry or concealed carry, that is your choice. It is not my job to make that decision for you," Tom Lambert, former president of Michigan Open Carry, said to the crowd of demonstrators before pointing to the Capitol building. “It is not their job to make that decision for you either.”

Firearms have historically been allowed inside and in the area surrounding the Michigan Capitol building, and members of the public are allowed to enter the building without being checked by security officers. This policy differs from regulations in the U.S. Capitol and many other state Capitol buildings around the country.

In January, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) declared a state of emergency to temporarily ban individuals from carrying weapons on the grounds of the state Capitol ahead of a gun rights rally. The announcement came days after Democratic leaders used a special rules committee to prohibit guns inside the Capitol and legislative office building.