Bomb squad responds to 'suspicious devices' on Trump signs, finds anti-theft alarms

Bomb squad responds to 'suspicious devices' on Trump signs, finds anti-theft alarms
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A bomb squad unit was dispatched in eastern Maryland to investigate multiple Trump-Pence campaign signs after reports of "suspicious devices" on Sunday and Monday, with authorities saying they found what appeared to be small anti-theft alarm systems attached to the signs.

The State Fire Marshal Bomb Squad said in a press release on Monday that it and the Easton Police Department found five separate political signs in and around Easton, Md., with devices “described as a small audible alarm attached to the rear of the sign with a removable pull pin.” 

According to the statement, an audible alarm sounds when the pull pin is moved. 


“It appears that the purpose of the devices was to thwart the theft or removal of the sign,” the fire marshal office added. “At no time were the devices a threat to the public.” 

The office noted that all the signs with these devices were located in public areas, thus violating Maryland state law, which states that campaign signs “are prohibited from being placed on public rights-of-way, road shoulders, or medians.”

The fire marshal's office also said that citizens should contact local police should similar devices be found on any other campaign signs, adding that “citizens should never take upon themselves to remove suspicious devices.”

“Recognize that any suspicious objects found should not be touched under any circumstances,” officials added. “Retreat or carefully leave the area, and report immediately what was found and the approximate location to a 911 dispatcher.” 

Last month, a Massachusetts man told local reporters that he had put up an electric fence around his Trump 2020 lawn sign after he said it had been stolen four times.