Texas neck-and-neck with California for most COVID-19 cases

Texas neck-and-neck with California for most COVID-19 cases
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Texas is neck-and-neck with California to be the state with the most COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

California maintains a slight lead ahead of the Lone Star state with 912,011 confirmed coronavirus cases this year, while Texas has counted 910,124 cases, according to NBC News numbers Monday night.  

NBC News noted the statistics were fluid and California could hold onto the lead but added that Texas’s case count has increased at a rate of 19 percent in the past two weeks, while California’s has risen at a rate of 15 percent. 


If either state was a country, it would rank ninth for the most confirmed cases, ahead of the U.K. and Mexico, which have confirmed 897,740 and 891,160 cases, respectively, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The New York Times’ coronavirus case count already puts Texas ahead of California, with the Lone Star state having 916,450 cases and the Golden state confirming 913,583 cases. 

The newspaper categorizes Texas as a state where cases are “higher and staying high” and California as a state where they are “lower but going up.”

Texas has a seven-day average of 5,864 new cases per day, and California’s seven-day average amounts to 4,421 new cases per day. Both states had their highest single-day increase in cases in July, according to Times data.

The numbers come as Election Day looms slightly more than a week away and as the coronavirus pandemic has become central to the vote, with the U.S. having the most cases and deaths of any country, with almost 8.7 million cases and 225,689 deaths.