Oklahoma elects nation's first openly nonbinary state lawmaker

Oklahoma elects nation's first openly nonbinary state lawmaker
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Mauree Turner was elected to the Oklahoma state legislature on Tuesday, making history as the first openly nonbinary state lawmaker in the nation, according to The Washington Post

Turner beat out Republican challenger Kelly Barlean to represent Oklahoma’s 88th District in the State House, according to the Birmingham Times. The 88th is a solidly Democratic district that includes Oklahoma City. 

Turner, a criminal justice advocate, easily won 70 percent of the vote, according to the Post. 


The LGBTQ Victory Fund applauded her win. According to the group, there are just five openly LGBTQ elected officials serving across the state.

“Of all the states to achieve a milestone political moment for non-binary people, few would have thought it would be Oklahoma, where there are so few LGBTQ elected officials,” Annise Parker, president and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Fund, said in a statement.” But Mauree ran a tireless campaign focused on the issues that matter to their district while also being authentic and open about who they are.”

Turner is also the first practicing Muslim elected to the state legislature in Oklahoma, according to the Post. 

The 2020 election saw historic wins for the LGBTQ community in mainly Democratic areas across the country. 

Georgia elected Kim Jackson (D) to represent District 41 in the Georgia state senate, making her the first openly gay senator in the state

In Tennessee, Torrey Harris (D) became the first LGBTQ member of the state legislature, winning election to the state House. He will be representing District 90, which is also heavily Democratic.  

Meanwhile, in Kansas, Stephanie Byers became the first transgender person of color ever elected to a state legislature after winning a seat to the Kansas state House.

And Sarah McBride became the first out trans state senator in the U.S. after winning a seat in the Delaware state Senate.