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Video surfaces of Oregon GOP rep holding state Capitol door open last month, allowing protesters to enter

Screenshot of Oregon Capitol security footage

A video surfaced Friday night of Republican Oregon Rep. Mike Nearman pushing a door open as he exited the state Capitol, allowing protesters to enter the building as a legislative session was underway.

In the security footage obtained by The Oregonian, the representative exits through two doors, briefly pushing one open more, thereby allowing a protester to enter the premises. More protesters are then seen entering the building before state police force them out, resulting in a scuffle.

At the time of the breach, a coronavirus special session was underway inside the Capitol. Those who entered the building illegally, some carrying rifles, had been protesting the state’s COVID-19 restrictions outside at the time, the Oregon outlet reported.

Some of the protesters acted violently during the breach, reportedly attacking journalists. One also sprayed an officer with something, as seen in the footage.

The Oregonian reported that at least two people have been arrested in relation to the incident.

The Hill has reached out to Nearman’s office for comment.

Updated: 10:54 p.m.

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