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Texas police officer fired for racially insensitive post on social media

A Texas police officer was relieved of duty on Monday following an investigation revealing that she shared a racially insensitive post on social media.

The Fort Worth Police Department detailed the reasoning behind officer Kelly Kujawski's removal from the force in a press release shared on Twitter on Monday.

"After reviewing the Internal Affairs findings, Chief Noakes concurred with the chain of command determination that Officer Kujawski was in violation of department General Orders and that her conduct brought unfavorable criticism upon the department," the release stated. "[O]fficer Kujawski was fired for violating General Orders related to social media use."

While the department did not detail the contents of Kujawski's post, it did reveal that a fellow officer discovered the post, which prompted the internal investigation.

"Internal Affairs quickly began an investigation and concluded that officer Kelly Kujawski was responsible for the racially insensitive post," the release stated.

The police department further condemned Kujawski's actions, writing that "[t]he Fort Worth Police Department holds every officer to a very high standard," and that "any communication which is racially insensitive and unprofessional will not be condoned in any manner."

"Our department will continue to hold those accountable who do not meet that standard," the department said in the release.

Another Fort Worth Police Department officer, Chadwick Hughes, was fired for racially insensitive and inappropriate social media posts in February, according to NBC local station NBCDFW.