Former Oklahoma officer found guilty of murdering police chief

Former Oklahoma officer found guilty of murdering police chief

A former Oklahoma police officer on Wednesday was found guilty of murdering his police chief during a conference in Florida.

Office Michael Nealey was found guilty of second-degree murder after the jury deliberated for two hours, WEAR-TV reported.

Nealey killed police chief Lucky Miller in 2019 during a police conference at a Pensacola Beach hotel.


Both officers were from Mannford, Okla.

"Only two people were in that room. One of them is dead and one of them is on trial," prosecutor Trey Myers said during closing arguments, according to WEAR-TV.

The two men were found to have high alcohol levels and had several noise complaints the night of the incident. 

"I would hear only what I could describe as a roar out of an individual and then I would hear 'Stop it, Mike. Stop it, Mike'," said Charles Brown, a witness who testified.

Miller’s body was found after a security guard entered the room.

"It's impossible to get inside the mind of a man who was here for a law enforcement conference who has had half a gallon of vodka to drink and understand his thoughts," Myers said.

Nealey will be sentenced April 29.

Miller left behind a wife a wife and three children who were crying and hugging during the verdict.