Connecticut lifting all COVID-19 business restrictions on May 19

Connecticut lifting all COVID-19 business restrictions on May 19
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Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) on Monday announced that he would be lifting all COVID-19 business restrictions on May 19.

“Contingent upon sufficiently low rates of infections and increasing vaccination rates, all remaining business restrictions will be lifted,” the governor said in a press release.


Currently, capacity limits on restaurants, gyms and other businesses have been lifted in the state.

The governor said that by May 1 outdoor restrictions will be lifted, alcohol may be served without food outdoors and table size limits will be lifted.

Lamont credits the state's vaccination rates and low coronavirus case rates for the decision to lift all restrictions on May 19.

The only restrictions that will remain are the state’s Department of Health recommendations for big events such as concerts and possibly the mask mandate.


"Probably we are going to require indoor masking a little bit longer unless you are vaccinated — in a crowded public place. But that’s it," Lamont said, NECN reported.

Many states have been lifting their coronavirus restrictions including the mask mandates since the beginning of the year.

Although half of U.S. adults have received one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, health officials are still warning people that celebrating too early could cause another spike in cases. 

Connecticut has reported more than 331,000 coronavirus cases and more than 8,000 deaths.