Virginia shooting leaves one woman dead, four other females injured, including a baby

Five females were shot, including one woman who was killed, in a shooting in Richmond, Va., this week.

According to a local ABC affiliate, the shooting happened at a local apartment complex near a high school. Two of the victims have reportedly been identified as adult women, the other two as teenage girls. The fifth victim was reportedly a 3-month-old baby girl.

The local police department identified the victim killed as one of the adult females. The baby is also reportedly said to be in critical condition. 


Police said they found the five victims suffering from gunshot wounds upon arriving at the complex on Tuesday while responding to reports of a shooting. Authorities transported the victims to a local hospital shortly after, police said.

Police said the person behind the shooting fired into an area they referred to as a “quad full of children,” according to local media. 

“Gunmen appeared in one of the breezeways and opened fire,” Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith said in a statement obtained by local media.

“It appears that they were targeting a particular apartment, not necessarily people or individuals, but they had no regard for the individuals that were out there,” he added.

Smith, who described the shooting as “heinous,” said someone returned shots during the incident on Tuesday. However, officials are looking to the public for more information to discover who that person was as they continue to investigate the incident. 

“At this time, the Richmond Police Department, parents and loved ones, would ask that anyone who knows anything to please give us a call right away because we know someone out here knows what happened, and what took place, and what the motives were, and who the shooters were,” the police chief said.