Louisville officer wounded in raid that killed Breonna Taylor retiring from force

 Louisville officer wounded in raid that killed Breonna Taylor retiring from force
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Jonathan Mattingly, the police officer who was wounded in the raid that killed Breonna Taylor, will be retiring from the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Police spokesperson Beth Ruoff told media outlets of Mattingly’s decision to step down, the Associated Press reports. His last day will be on June 1.

Earlier in April it was reported that Mattingly would be writing a book about the raid titled "The Fight For Truth: The Inside Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy” that will be published by conservative Tennessee-based publisher Post Hill Press in the fall.


Post Hill Press distributes its books through Simon & Schuster. Following widespread outcry, the publishing giant announced that it would not be distributing Mattingly's book.

“Like much of the American public, earlier today Simon & Schuster learned of plans by distribution client Post Hill Press to publish a book by Jonathan Mattingly,” Simon & Schuster wrote in a statement. “We have subsequently decided not to be involved in the distribution of this book.”

The AP notes that Mattingly was recently reprimanded by the Louisville police chief for a leaked email he sent out to colleagues criticizing department leadership.

"I know we did the legal, moral and ethical thing that night," Mattingly wrote in an email. "It’s sad how the good guys are demonized, and criminals are canonized."

Mattingly was shot in the leg during the deadly raid into the apartment Taylor shared with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker. Mattingly filed a lawsuit against Walker in October claiming he had "inflicted battery, assault and emotional distress" by shooting back at the officers. Walker has maintained that he believed his home was being broken into and did not hear the officers knocking.

Mattingly fired six shots into Taylor and Walker's apartment. A grand jury declined to press charges against Mattingly, only charging one officer, Brett Hankison, with wanton endangerment.