Michigan school kids kept at home amid bus driver shortage

Michigan school kids kept at home amid bus driver shortage
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School children in a southern Michigan school district are being kept at home this week as the area grapples with a bus driver shortage, The Associated Press reports.

Many Marshall Public School drivers have been forced to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, leaving them unable to carry out their duties.

"Because of our commitment to making sure that everyone has equal access to quality education, we’re going to go ahead and do virtual for everyone at this juncture to get through this period of time," Superintendent Randy Davis told the AP.


Davis noted the district doesn't have enough substitute drivers to fill in.

"We always bring on new drivers, new subs. There’s attrition that happens normally in normal circumstances, let alone during a COVID year," Davis said.

He added that typically when they're in a pinch, they'll borrow drivers from neighboring districts, but the pandemic has left every district short-staffed.

"Historically, we’ve been able to ask our neighbors for assistance with additional drivers, additional buses," Davis told WOOD-TV. "We all support each other. At this point, nobody has the flexibility to do that."

Parents were given short notice of the switch to remote learning, as Davis said he was informed of the issue late Tuesday night.

"There’s no good timing with these things," Davis said, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.