FBI links Albuquerque triple homicide to Aryan Brotherhood

FBI officials believe a neo-Nazi prison gang was involved in a situation that led to the deaths of three men and the arrest of a fourth in Albuquerque, N.M.

NBC News reported that Richard Kuykendall, 41, was arrested after investigators say he drove a bullet-ridden vehicle to a city hospital and informed a security guard that three dead men were inside the car before fleeing the scene last week.

Kuykendall has yet to be charged with any of the deaths, but FBI agents reportedly believe he is responsible for at least one, according to NBC, which reported that the FBI's complaint in federal court accused him of being involved in a shootout that apparently occurred inside the vehicle.


All four men are believed to have ties if not active membership in the Aryan Brotherhood, a neo-Nazi prison gang known for extreme violence against both enemies and, in particular, Black and Hispanic inmates.

Security video obtained by a local news station shows the shootout. A man apparently identified as Kuykendall can be seen walking on a street when a vehicle pulls up behind him and people inside begin firing shots. Kuykendall is seen running around the vehicle before pulling a door open and jumping inside.

Albuquerque police condemned the video's release in a statement.

"We appreciate businesses and residents who share video surveillance with detectives, but it is unfortunate in this case that the video was also shared publicly and for political purposes, which could potentially jeopardize an investigation," said the agency, according to local news station KOB 4.