Video appears to show Oregon Republican telling protesters how to enter state Capitol

A Republican state lawmaker from Oregon who is facing charges for allegedly permitting protesters to enter the state Capitol building can be seen in newly surfaced video apparently telling protesters how to enter, CNN reported on Monday

The video, which was posted to YouTube and first reported on by Oregon Public Broadcasting, appears to show Rep. Mike Nearman (R) talking to an audience of protesters about how to set up "Operation Hall Pass," telling the group to develop tools for knowing what the state’s legislature is doing and how to participate. It's not clear if he was aware he was being recorded.

Nearman also discusses with the group about how they will be entering the state building due to COVID-19 restrictions. He also mentions to the audience about contacting him through a disclosed phone number when they arrive at the building.


Nearman was seen on surveillance video on Dec. 21 leaving the building through a locked door through which he allowed protesters to enter the building. 

Protesters then entered the building in defiance of the COVID-19 restrictions in the state and had a physical confrontation with local police officers. The protesters weren’t able to enter the main chamber, according to CNN. 

The lawmaker was charged with first-degree official misconduct and second-degree criminal trespass. 

Nearman’s lawyer told CNN that he appeared at the arraignment on his behalf and said that no plea deal has been entered yet. The Hill has reached out to Nearman's office.

Nearman told The Oregonian in January that he was being subjected to “mob justice” and does not condone violence.