Arkansas woman sues after officer's police maneuver flips car

Arkansas woman sues after officer's police maneuver flips car
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An Arkansas woman is suing a state trooper after he used a “pursuit intervention technique” ( PIT) to try to pull over her car, NBC News reports.

According to a lawsuit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court, 38-year-old Nicole Harper, who was pregnant during the incident, was driving at 84 mph in a 70-mph zone on U.S  Highway 167 in Jacksonville, Ark. when the trooper signaled for her to pull over after flashing his lights and using his siren. 

According to dashcam video, the woman appeared to change lanes and putting on her blinker. Harper’s attorney told NBC News that she was attempting to pull over, but given the narrow shoulders she wanted to find an exit so she could safely stop. 


The footage then shows the trooper using a PIT maneuver, tapping his car on the back of her car causing Harper’s car to swing left before eventually flipping upside down. 

Asked why she didn’t stop when the trooper made his way to her car, Harper can be heard saying in the video “Because I didn’t feel like it was safe.”

According to NBC News, Harper’s attorney said that when Harper was taken to the emergency room, she was told by a doctor that they couldn’t detect a heartbeat. After visiting her OB-GYN the following day, a heartbeat was able to be detected and the baby was born in February.

A spokesperson for the Arkansas State Police was not immediately for comment.