NC councilman floats making giving money or food to homeless people a misdemeanor

A Charlotte, N.C., councilman is standing by saying that giving money or food to homeless people should be a misdemeanor, Fox News affiliate WJZY reported.

During a city council meeting last Monday, Tariq Bokhari (R) suggested that the city should explore making it a misdemeanor when people give money to the homeless. 

Bokhari said that giving money to homeless people instead of donating it to charities is causing “more harm than good."


“People aren’t getting it and they’re still bringing food and clothing and resources directly to folks that are out there right now. They’re only making themselves feel good,” Bokhari said.

Charlotte leaders are looking to create a five-year plan to combat the city’s homeless problem and expand on affordable housing, WJZY reported.

Bokhari told the Fox News affiliate that he has no regrets about his recent comments, adding that he was urging fellow council members to create bolder solutions on the issue. 

“Whether its tent city or the levels of aggressive panhandling or people not getting the help they need, it’s not working,” Bokhari said. 

The Hill has reached out to Bokhari’s office for comment.