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These cities and states just raised their minimum wage

Minimum wage workers in various parts of the country got a pay increase Thursday, the first day of the new fiscal year for most state and local governments.

The pay raises come just months after Congress failed to raise the $7.25 federal minimum wage to $15.

Here are the states and major cities where higher wages kicked in this week.



The state’s minimum wage rose from $8 to $8.75 for workers who receive health benefits through their employer. Those without benefits will now receive a minimum of $9.75 an hour, up from $9. Similar pay increases will continue for the next three years, when the minimum wage will hit $11.

New York

Fast food workers outside of New York City will see their pay increase 50 cents an hour, to $15. The pay raise matches the current rate for comparable workers in New York City.


The state’s minimum wage rose to $12.75, an increase of 75 cents.


Berkeley, Calif.

The minimum wage increased 25 cents, to $16.32.


Employers with fewer than 21 workers will now pay a minimum of $14 per hour, while those with more employees will pay at least $15 an hour. Workers making tips will now receive a minimum of $8.40 an hour, or $9 if there are 21 or more workers at the location.

Los Angeles

Businesses with fewer than 25 employees increased their minimum wage by 75 cents to $15.


Small businesses with less than 100 employees will now have to pay their workers at least $12.50 an hour, an increase of 75 cents from the previous wage. Workers at larger businesses will see hourly pay increase to at least $14.25, up from $13.25.

Portland, Ore.

Employers in counties within the Portland metro area will pay their workers at least $14 an hour, compared with the previous rate of $13.25. Workers in “nonurban counties” will see an increase of 50 cents an hour, to $12.50.

Saint Paul, Minn.

Employers with more than 101 workers increased wages by $1 an hour, to $12.50. Small businesses with six or more employees raised their minimum wage from $10 to $11, while smaller employers increased wages by 75 cents, to $10.

San Francisco

The city’s minimum wage increased by 25 cents, from $16.07 to $16.32.

Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia increased its minimum wage by 20 cents to $15.20. The annual increase was indexed to the cost of living.

Updated on July 8 at 11:58 a.m.

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