Teen charged after allegedly adding Hitler quote to yearbook

A Connecticut teenager was arrested after allegedly adding an Adolf Hitler quote to his school’s yearbook. 

According to an arrest log obtained by CNN, the student allegedly hacked into the school database students used to submit their yearbook quotes. 

The student changed one yearbook quote to Hitler, falsely attributing it to George Floyd, whose murder by police in 2020 triggered a nationwide reckoning on race. The student also allegedly added a reference to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, according to the warrant.


The student was arrested by authorities on July 9 and charged with two counts of third-degree computer crimes for his actions, according to CNN.

In a joint emailed statement, Glastonbury Superintendent Alan Bookman and High School principal Nancy Bean said they have suspended the distribution of the yearbook and are recalling books that were issued, according to CNN. 

The school leaders added that they “deeply regret” not catching what the student had done before issuing the yearbooks.

“There is no place for any of this anywhere in our school system. We recognize that racism and privilege exist in our society. ... These are NOT just words,” their statement said. “We have begun this critical work this year and will continue this work for many years to come."

The Hill has reached out to the Glastonbury Police Department and Glastonbury High School for information and comment.