Californians urged to conserve power as temperatures climb

Californians urged to conserve power as temperatures climb
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The California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which oversees the state's bulk electric power infrastructure, issued a Wednesday alert asking residents to conserve power as temperatures soar and wildfires burn throughout the Western U.S.

The flex alert was issued for between 4 and 9 p.m. local time ahead of a predicted increased demand in energy.

"With higher than normal temperatures in the forecast for parts of interior Northern California, the power grid operator is predicting an increase in electricity demand, primarily from air conditioning use. The increase can make electricity supplies tight and cause strain on our power grid," CAISO said in its alert.


The energy operator recommended precooling homes before the alert goes into effect, setting the thermostat to as low as 72 degrees and covering windows.

Consumers have been asked to turn off any unnecessary lights, hold off on using major appliances until after 9 p.m., and set their thermostats to 78 or higher if their health allows.

"The conservation measures can help stabilize the power grid during a time of tight demand and supply, and avoid power interruptions. Reduced electricity use during a Flex Alert can prevent further emergency measures, including rotating power outages," CAISO said.

CAISO issued a similar request just last month during the record-setting heat wave, which saw much of the Western U.S. record unprecedented high temperatures.