Judge sides with Illinois hospital refusing to treat man with ivermectin

A judge has sided with an Illinois hospital that refused to treat a man suffering from the coronavirus with ivermectin, an anti-parasite medication most commonly used in animals.

A Sangamon County judge on Monday ruled against the wife of Randy Clouse, who wanted Memorial Medical Center to give her husband ivermectin to treat the virus, The State-Journal Register reported

In recent weeks ivermectin has been embraced by some as a potential coronavirus treatment. The Federal Drug Administration has warned the public against using ivermectin to treat coronavirus at home, saying the drug has only been approved to treat patients with parasitic worms. It is not an approved treatment for COVID-19 in any setting.


Ralph Lorigo, Anita Clouse’s lawyer, told  Circuit Judge Adam Giganti, “She should have a right to try to save her husband.”

The lawyers for the Springfield hospital argued against the measure and condemned Alan Bain, the doctor who prescribed the drug for Clouse and testified during the hearing.

“He wants to make Mr. Clouse a guinea pig,” William Davis, the lawyer representing the hospital, said.

Randy Clouse has been on a ventilator for COVID-19 for the past four weeks and has spent a total of six weeks at the hospital, according to the outlet.

His wife will not be appealing the decision because she said she can’t afford it.

She said Tuesday the decision was expected “given Springfield and how politically connected it is” but it “crushed” her.

The decision is opposite the one made in Ohio where a judge ordered a hospital to treat a man sick with the coronavirus with ivermectin at the request of the patient’s wife.

That man will receive ivermectin for three weeks in an attempt to get him off the ventilator.