New Hampshire woman accused of telling Black child she would 'kneel on his neck'

New Hampshire woman accused of telling Black child she would 'kneel on his neck'
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A civil rights complaint has been filed against a New Hampshire woman after she allegedly told a Black child she would “kneel on his neck.”

The New Hampshire attorney general's office announced Thursday that the complaint was filed against Kristina Graper, 51.

The complaint alleges Graper’s son was playing with a nine-year-old Black child on May 10 at a neighborhood park in Dover. When the two were playing, the Black child accidentally broke Graper’s son’s toy, the attorney general's office said.


Graper then allegedly told the Black child that she would “kneel on his neck” and called him a racial slur.

Nationwide protests against police brutality last year were sparked by video footage showing a white Minneapolis police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, for almost nine minutes before he died.

The New Hampshire civil rights complaint, filed in Strafford County Superior Court, did not mention Graper’s race, according to The Associated Press.

The mother of the Black child called police after the incident, saying her child is now afraid to go to the park, the AP reported.

Graper told the police she did not threaten to kneel on the boy’s neck but said “you wonder why you guys get (expletive) kneeled on,” according to the newswire.

The complaint said the incident was racially motivated with the attorney general’s office saying the maximum penalty for a civil penalty is $5,000.

No lawyer was listed for Graper, and The Hill was unable to contact her for comment.