Fight in school parking lot ends with three students shot

A fight broke out in a school parking lot in Colorado that ended with three students shot and in the hospital. 

The Aurora Police Department said in a statement Friday that a fight broke out at Hinkley High School around lunchtime and ended with a 17-year-female, 17-year-old male and 16 year-old male in the hospital. 

One of the teenagers was taken to the hospital from the scene, while the other two self-transported to the hospital. 


In an update on Twitter, the department said it charged a 16-year-old boy with attempted murder in connection with the shooting, although the police chief said there were “multiple shooters.”

Multiple guns were used in the fight, as different shell casings of different calibers were found at the scene. 

The investigation is ongoing, as it is not clear what roles the victims played in the fight. The police did not release their conditions in the hospital.

“The violence, especially involving our youth, must stop. We have a call to action for parents: check on your kids. Kids are getting guns from somewhere. We need parents to be more involved and start checking their kids' rooms and vehicles and pay attention to who they are associating with,” the department said in the statement. 

This shooting follows another that occurred at Aurora Central High School, down the road from Hinkley High School, on Monday, The Associated Press reported. All the victims in that shooting are expected to survive.