Southern California utilities restoring power after outages to reduce fire risk

Two southern California utility companies are restoring power after purposely causing outages to reduce the risk of a wildfire. 

Southern California Edison and ​San Diego Gas & Electric had said Wednesday there was a potential for public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) to reduce the fire risk from power lines.

The warning came as the National Weather Service said ideal fire conditions were imminent from Wednesday through Friday. 


Dry wind persisted over Thanksgiving with some areas getting hit with wind up to 89 miles per hour, The Associated Press reported

The two companies shut off power to thousands, interrupting the holiday for many families. 

San Diego Gas & Electric shut off power for less than 3,200 customers but up to 50,000 customers still face potential outages, according to The Associated Press. 

More than 38,000 customers for Southern California Edison still do not have power with 123,000 customers still under the potential for shut offs. 

Both companies were working Friday to restore power in some areas as the weather calms down. No fires were reported during the outages.