Detroit-area artist identified in connection to Crumbley hideout

A Detroit-area artist has been identified in connection with the warehouse where the Michigan teen shooter suspect’s parents were apprehended early Saturday.

The artist, whom his attorney said is 65-year-old Andrzej Sikora, is originally from Poland and was described as “an upstanding citizen his entire life” in a news release.

“Mr. Sikora has not been charged with any crime. Nevertheless, upon learning of the Crumbleys’ arrest on December 4, 2021, he voluntarily contacted the Detroit Police Department and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office to provide information,” Clarence Dass said in a statement on Sunday.


“He maintains his innocence throughout this process and is fully cooperating with law enforcement to assist in their investigation,” Dass added.

Detroit Police confirmed early Saturday that the couple — Jennifer and James Crumbley, who are also facing charges related to the shooting — had been apprehended after officials found them in a commercial building that holds artwork.  

Detroit Police Chief James E. White said at the time that the people responsible for allowing them inside the building could also be charged.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they had contact with Sikora's attorney.

“I will confirm that his attorney has reached out to us and we are setting up an interview with his client Mr. Sikora,” Undersheriff Michael McCabe said in a statement, adding that officials would be providing more details on the case, and the status of the remaining victims, later on Sunday.

Dass told the Associated Press that Sikora contacted authorities when he awoke to news on Saturday of the couple's arrest. 


“There was a lot of confusion and the Crumbleys went to him for safety. He didn’t know about the charges,” Dass said, per the AP. “They were there in the daytime. He left in the early evening. He didn’t even know they were still there.”

Ethan Crumbley, 15, is facing 24 charges in connection to allegedly fatally shooting four students and injuring seven others at Oxford High School last week.

On Friday, Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald announced that his parents would face four counts each of involuntary manslaughter.

Updated at 7:20 p.m.