Sunday show wrap-up: ISIS dominates

Sunday show wrap-up: ISIS dominates
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May 24, 2015



Dem pushes back against Obama: 'Clearly ISIS has gained momentum'  Rep. Tulsi GabbardTulsi GabbardSaagar Enjeti: Tuesday's Democratic debate already 'rigged' against Gabbard, Sanders Former 2020 candidate Mike Gravel: 'No question' Sanders is physically fit to be president So many issues, too many candidates and so little time to debate MORE (D-Hawaii), a combat veteran, wants to arm Kurds and Sunni tribesmen.

McCain: ‘There is no strategy’ to defeat ISIS  The Arizona senator suggested more American troops will be needed to defeat the terror group.

ISIS fight at a 'stalemate,' top Dem says  “I don’t think we’re winning, but I wouldn’t say we’re losing either,” Schiff said.

Iraqi forces had 'no will to fight,' Defense secretary says  Ash Carter resisted Republican-led calls to put more American troops into the Middle East.

Bolton: 'We are losing' to ISIS  The former U.N. ambassador said Arab states and Turkey "need American leadership."



Possible Clinton running mate decries Benghazi 'witch hunt'  "This thing has been studied to death," Julian Castro said.

Huckabee: Distrust of government at new high  The GOP presidential candidate blamed the NSA's phone data collection program.

Sanders worries of 'political gossip' dominating campaign coverage  "We need serious discussion about serious issues," the White House candidate said.



Kasich: Cleveland a 'model' for responding to protests  Kasich, a possible 2016 GOP presidential contender, urged protesters to be peaceful.