Sunday show wrap-up: GOP candidates make push

Sunday show wrap-up: GOP candidates make push


Trump: Immigrants walk right past Border Patrol   Trump said agents are "not allowed" to do their jobs.

I don't want lobbyists, special interests, Trump says   “I turned down $5 million last week from a very important lobbyist," he said.

Trump: Walker's state is really in trouble   “There’s tremendous divisions throughout the state,” Trump said.



Trump parroting Dem talking points, Walker says   “They didn’t work in the past,” Walker said of attacks on his record.



Carson: Trump veep talk premature   "I think all things are possible, but it’s much too early to begin such conversations," Carson said.

Don't use drones to kill at border, Carson says   Ben Carson did say that drones could be used to destroy smugglers' caves without casualties.



Christie: Trump's immigration plan simplistic   "I just think it’s a very complicated problem," Christie said.



Huckabee: Trump attacks the dumbest thing   “He’s a force to be reckoned with,” Huckabee said.



Cruz: Birthright citizenship doesn't make sense   “Any change in birthright citizenship ... will take many, many years,” he said.



Fiorina: I'll run on business record all day long   Fiorina was fired as Hewlett-Packard's chief executive a decade ago.

Fiorina owes Clinton 'debt of gratitude'   "I will use all of my energy, as our nominee, to defeat her," she added.


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Jerry Brown: I don't know if Hillary is nominee   Vice President Biden should give "very serious consideration" to a bid, California Gov. Jerry Brown said.

Hillary email answers too lawyerly, Dean says   "One of the problems is that Hillary Clinton is an incredibly smart lawyer," Howard Dean said.

Ex-Dem rep: Clinton server probe unprecedented   “We all know that Hillary Clinton is held to a different standard,” Ellen Tauscher said.

Former Bush attorney general: Clinton investigation no political witch hunt   “The question is what she knew about what was on those emails," Michael Mukasey said.



O'Malley: GOP raises legitimate Clinton email questions   "We need to have start having debates about the issues," he said.



Draft Biden adviser: Warren meeting no surprise   “She has important, incredible ideas," Joshua Alcorn said.



Jim Webb: I met privately with Biden   “I think private meetings are best left that way,” he said.