Sunday show wrap-up: Spotlight shines on 2016 candidates

Sunday show wrap-up: Spotlight shines on 2016 candidates


Sanders: Democrats ‘dead wrong’ on debates

"I have let the leadership of the Democrats know," Sanders said.

Sanders: ‘I can get beyond the noise’ to pass gun rules  

“I do not accept the fact that I have been weak on this issue," he said.

Sanders: I wouldn’t end drone program  

“I think we have to use drones very, very selectively," he said.



Jeb pushes back on Trump comments: Mexican immigration rate ‘basically flat’

Bush said Trump's immigration proposals would be too costly and impractical.

Matalin: Trump’s wrong, Jeb is ‘an Energizer bunny’  

Longtime Bush family adviser Mary Matalin says Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpPapadopoulos on AG's new powers: 'Trump is now on the offense' Pelosi uses Trump to her advantage Mike Pence delivers West Point commencement address MORE is wrong about former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s energy level.



Walker ‘not talking about changing Constitution’ for birthright citizenship  

“I'm talking about enforcing the laws of this country," Walker said.

Walker would consider building wall on Canadian border  

“That is a legitimate issue for us to look at,” Scott Walker said.

Walker: Poll numbers will improve  

“When people see the benefits of our reforms ... I think our numbers will go up," Walker said.



Jindal: Clinton ‘one email away’ from jail  

"It just seems to be one scandal after another,” he said.

Jindal: 'We got back up’ from Katrina  

The Louisiana governor said the last ten years have shown Americans' resilience.



Christie: Clinton caught ‘disease’ of lawlessness from Obama White House  

“The worst part about this is her arrogance,” Christie said.



Heritage Action CEO: 'The political class is failing this nation’  

Michael Needham said outsiders are in touch with "conservative populist primary voters.”

Gingrich: Biden wouldn't take many votes from Sanders  

Biden is too much of an insider to challenge Sanders, according to New Gingrich.

Dem senator: 'You can’t just waltz’ to primary win  

“There’s a lot of partisan stuff going on that’s not fair" to Clinton, Klobuchar said.



Va. victim’s father going to be working on gun limits ‘for a long time’  

"I know that this is not a sprint — it’s a marathon," Andy Parker said.



New Orleans mayor: 'We are stronger today’  

“We have to continue to rebuild the coast," Mitch Landrieu said.