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Sunday show wrap-up: Violence at Trump rallies in spotlight

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Trump: ‘I’m just a messenger’ for angry Americans
“There are a lot of people who are angry in this country,” he added.

Trump on protesters: ‘They don’t love this country’
“I don’t condone violence,” the business mogul added.

Trump looking into paying legal fees of supporter seen throwing sucker punch
“I’m going to look at it. I’m going to see, you know, what was behind this.”

Trump: ‘All I know is what’s on the Internet’
Trump defended comments that a man who tried to rush the stage had ties to ISIS.

Cruz: Responsibility in campaigns ‘starts at the top’
Cruz said he’s been “troubled” by rallies Donald Trump has held.

Rubio: ‘All the gates of civility have been blown apart’ by Trump
“We’re heading in a very dangerous direction,” Rubio added.

Kasich: Trump has created a toxic environment
“Hopefully it’ll settle down and we can move beyond this.”

Kasich on Trump protests: ‘This is not making us proud’
“We are Americans before we are Republicans and Democrats,” he added.

Sanders on Trump: ‘This is a man who implies violence’
“He absolutely has got to tone it down.”


2016 RACE

Poll: Kasich edges Trump in Ohio
Trump, however, leads in Florida and Illinois, according to an NBC News poll.

CBS News poll: Trump, Kasich tied in Ohio
Trump also leads in Florida and Illinois in the online poll.

Poll: Clinton leads in Florida, Illinois and Ohio
Clinton’s slimmest lead is in Illinois, at 6 points.

Clinton leads Sanders in Florida and Ohio, trails in Illinois
Clinton holds a sizable lead in Florida, according to an online CBS News poll.

Trump: 27 percent of Muslims very militant
“There is a big problem, and radical Islamic terrorism is taking place all over the world.”

Cruz: Trump nomination a ‘disaster’ for Republicans, conservatives and country
Cruz said a Trump nomination would make a Clinton presidency “much more likely.”

Cruz: ‘Donald Trump is the system’
“He is Washington. And he’s part of the problem.”

Rubio: It’s getting harder to stick to pledge to support nominee
“I think we’re having a battle to define conservatism in the Republican Party.”

Kasich: ‘I’m not out to stop anybody’
Kasich dodged a question about asking supporters in Florida to support Rubio.

Kasich: Wall Street sometimes ‘swings towards greed’
“Free enterprise is great, but it has to have a moral underpinning,” he added.

Sanders: My campaign makes Trump ‘very, very nervous’
“This is a man who is dividing up his country in serious ways, frightening ways.”

Sanders: ‘I don’t have to defend myself to anybody’ on healthcare
Sanders said Clinton is “not quite fair” on his healthcare record.

Former GOP senator: Brokered convention will bring ‘revolution’
Former Sen. Al D’Amato (R-N.Y.) said on Sunday that Republicans should not try to intervene with the party’s convention in order to stop Donald Trump from securing the nomination, warning that doing so would cause a “revolution” in the party.

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