Malcolm Gladwell: People shouldn’t be shocked that Trump is ‘being who he is’

Malcolm Gladwell:  People shouldn’t be shocked that Trump is ‘being who he is’

Malcolm Gladwell said in an interview broadcast Sunday that Americans shouldn’t be shocked at President Trump’s actions because he is “being who he is.”

“I have a friend in the real estate business in New York,” Gladwell, who writes for The New Yorker and hosts the “Revisionist History” podcast, told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And when she describes the way that business operates and the kinds of people who are attracted to it and the way in which they approach problems, it explains Trump very nicely. 

“You know, real estate is a high-stakes, deal-specific, pretty cut-throat, not a terribly polite world, you know? And everything we've seen from him is consistent with the way real estate moguls wheel and deal. That's what we're looking at,” he added.


“If you think about him as a sociologist would, as a product of his environment, I think he becomes easier to understand.”

Gladwell also said Trump has always “made it very plain that what he stands for is authenticity.”

“He is not someone who follows any kind of convention. He's not someone who gets caught up in political correctness. He is someone who speaks from his gut, right? And so, if you have an expectation that someone is that kind of authentic character, you see these kinds of tweets very differently,” he said, referring to Trump’s tweets last week attacking the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“So I sort of think, Trump is not behaving out of character in those moments. That's sort of a crucial thing to remember. It's why you can't be shocked. He's being who he is.”