Haley: Trump move on Iran sends 'perfect message' to North Korea

Haley: Trump move on Iran sends 'perfect message' to North Korea
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United Nations Ambassador Nikki HaleyNimrata (Nikki) HaleyTrump mulling State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert for UN envoy: report Iran says it killed 'mastermind' behind military parade attack Haley slams China over 'internment of civilians' in first public remarks since announcing resignation MORE said Sunday that President Trump’s recent move on Iran “sends the perfect message to North Korea." 

“It sends the perfect message to North Korea, which is we’re not going to engage in a bad deal. And should we ever get into a deal, we’re going to hold you accountable,” Haley told ABC's “This Week.” 

Haley’s comments come after Trump in a speech last week announced that the U.S. would not continue in a multilateral nuclear deal with Iran unless reforms are made and the deal is strictly enforced. The president did not withdraw from the accord nor did he ask Congress to impose additional nuclear sanctions on Tehran.

His decision drew criticism for seeking to back out of a long-term international agreement. Some worry other nations will dismiss U.S. negotiation terms as only lasting the length of a presidency.


“We’re not going to look the other way just because we think we’ve made a deal and we’re not going to continue to watch it," Haley said, describing the message Trump sent.

Haley added that the United States will have to “wait and see” if Pyongyang stops conducting missile tests before discussions can begin.