Republican: The ‘totality’ of Trump’s decision on ObamaCare payments ‘helps the family’

Sen. Bill CassidyBill CassidyUtah county GOP censures Romney over Trump impeachment vote Amazon blocks 10B listings in crackdown on counterfeits Cassidy on pipeline cyberattack: Congress must equip businesses with defenses against incursions MORE (R-La.) said on Sunday that President Trump's decision to end key ObamaCare payments known as cost-sharing reduction (CSR) benefits would help U.S. families. 

"If you take the totality of what the president did, I think it actually helps the family," Cassidy said on "Fox News Sunday."

The Republican said Trump created an opportunity for Congress to address an "unconstitutional" requirement, and he believes "Congress should pass that short-term extension" of the payments.

"And that's exactly what the president is asking," he said. "But we absolutely have to think about that family around the kitchen table, which is why I think Congress should pass them. Republicans have been trying to do so, but with flexibility so that premiums go down."


"So those who are lowest income, the payments, the subsidies will still go to insurance companies for them to buy their ... coverage, and someone told me that [the Congressional Budget Office] says they actually might pay a little less," he continued. 

Cassidy, who co-authored the Graham-Cassidy repeal and replace bill that failed to pass in the Senate last month, spoke out against the termination of CSR payments in August. 

His remarks come days after the White House announced it would be ending the CSR payments, which are aimed at helping low-income people afford co-pays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs associated with health insurance policies.

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit in federal court in California on Friday to stop the administration from halting the payments.