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Abrams: Georgians do not have to choose between ‘strong economy and an extremist agenda’

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams on Sunday said Georgians “do not have to make a choice between a strong economy and an extremist agenda” in the upcoming election, adding that her opponent, Gov. Brian Kemp (R), is pushing a “hard right agenda” in the state.

Abrams told NBC”s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd that Kemp is an “extremist” who has loosened gun laws and enforced a six-week abortion ban that took effect last month, a measure she said 72 percent of Georgians do not support.

“Brian Kemp is doing an excellent job of showing that he is an extremist who has a hard right agenda that is not in the best interest of Georgia,” Abrams said.

Kemp and Abrams will square off in November for a highly anticipated rematch. In 2018, Kemp beat out the Democratic candidate in a close race.

Abrams ran unopposed in her primary, while Kemp easily won his against Trump-endorsed opponent, former Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.).

So far, polls show a tight race, with Kemp narrowly leading Abrams, 48 to 43 percent.

With a 40-year high inflation rate and the economy hitting a likely recession, Kemp is running a campaign that accuses Abrams and Democrats of worsening the economy.

But Abrams on Sunday said she is “proposing a comprehensive plan for how we build our economy and protect our freedoms.”

“What people are realizing and why he remains below 50 percent is that Georgians realize we do not have to make a choice between a strong economy and an extremist agenda,” the candidate told NBC. “People are going to continue to pay attention to his extreme position on abortion, his extreme position on guns, his extreme position on refusing to take action to help the people of Georgia.

“We are suffering from a health care crisis and a housing crisis,” she added. “And that the more they pay attention, the more they will realize that his high watermark was on that primary day.”

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