Dem governor: 'We will rescue America from the grasp of an unhinged narcissist’

Dem governor: 'We will rescue America from the grasp of an unhinged narcissist’

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) said Sunday that Democrats are focusing their messaging in 2018 on the idea that they will "rescue" America from President TrumpDonald John Trump Trump responds to calls to tear down monuments with creation of 'National Garden' of statues Trump: Children are taught in school to 'hate their own country' Trump accuses those tearing down statues of wanting to 'overthrow the American Revolution' MORE.

"Our message is rescue America — and we will rescue America — from the grasp of an unhinged narcissist who is creating ... chaos," Inslee said on ABC's "This Week."

He added that Democrats are also focused on protecting and expanding health care, as well as improving the economy for U.S. families.


"We’re really defining gross domestic product the way it should be," Inslee said. "The 'D' in gross domestic product should mean domestic for families. And … what we’ve learned in my state is that we have blown up the myth that if you actually focus on job creation and wage increase, that it somehow hurts your economy.”

Democrats are facing an uphill battle to win back the House majority in this year's midterms. Party officials have insisted they could win back the House by riding the "blue wave," citing voters being re-energized by a desire to fight back against the Trump administration. 

Inslee said Democratic governors, in particular, are in a good position. 

"We’re in great shape, and I’d much rather be in the Democrats’ seat than any Republican seat right now," Inslee said. "We’ve … flipped 42 special elections."

"There’s been an average increase of 20 points in the five special elections," Inslee continued. "We’re in good shape and there’s two reasons for that. It’s part because of the chaos of Donald Trump. But it’s also part because we governors have shown the primacy of electing Democratic governors.”