GOP rep: 'This story is not over' if Iran continues 'aggressive' and 'provocative' behavior

GOP rep: 'This story is not over' if Iran continues 'aggressive' and 'provocative' behavior
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Rep. Mac ThornberryWilliam (Mac) McClellan ThornberryNegotiators kick off defense bill talks amid border wall, Iran debates Defense bill talks set to start amid wall fight House rejects GOP motion on replacing Pentagon funding used on border wall MORE (R-Texas) said in an interview that aired Sunday that "This story is not over" on Iran, but  U.S. actions will depend on Iran's behavior going forward. 

Martha Raddatz on ABC's "This Week" asked Thornberry whether cyberattacks and sanctions were enough retaliation after Iranian forces shot down a U.S. drone.  

"That's going to really depend on the Iranians. This story is not over," Thornberry said. "And the question is how do they respond to this relatively restrained response by President TrumpDonald John TrumpAlaska Republican Party cancels 2020 primary Ukrainian official denies Trump pressured president Trump goes after New York Times, Washington Post: 'They have gone totally CRAZY!!!!' MORE."  


"If they go back to mining tankers, shooting at American aircraft, the sort of pattern of activity we've seen since April, then obviously the president has a whole range of additional responses that he could employ," he added. "There's a lot, there are a number of other military and probably other actions that could be taken if the Iranians decide that they want to continue this aggressive, provocative sort of behavior."

Thornberry also said in the interview that Trump is  "giving the Iranians every opportunity to back out of this cycle of increasing violence." 

"There's obviously a limit to to that. And that's why I say if Iran goes back to mining tankers, the sorts of things they've been doing here lately, then we have a whole range of military and other responses which we can employ," he said. 



In recent days, President Trump has increased sanctions on Tehran and administration cyber forces reportedly struck Iranian military computer systems. This follows President Trump's decision to call off a traditional military strike against Iran. 

The President tweeted last week that he decided against a military strike when he learned the casualty numbers. He later added that he ordered the strike to not go forward "at this time," possibly indicating that a potential strike against Iran might still occur.