Colorado governor: More people wearing masks 'a ticket to more freedom'

Colorado governor: More people wearing masks 'a ticket to more freedom'
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Colorado Gov. Jared PolisJared Schutz PolisColorado order allows hospitals to stop admitting, transfer patients when at capacity due to COVID-19 Broncos announce this weekend will be last game in front of fans this season Effort to recall Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has failed to collect necessary signatures by deadline MORE (D) said Sunday that more people wearing masks would allow for other aspects of normal life to resume during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think what’s important for people to know is this is not ideological, it’s not partisan, it’s science-based,” Polis said on ABC’s “This Week,” saying masks are “a ticket to more freedom.”

“It makes it less likely that businesses will be shuttered. It makes it less likely that people will die. It makes it more likely school will return. If we care about those things, you’re going to take that as a matter of personal responsibility to protect yourself, protect others, protect our economy,” he added.

Polis also defended his earlier reluctance to issue a statewide mask mandate before finally issuing such an executive order.


“We don’t want to tell people what to wear, or what to do in their lives,” he said, adding that after analyzing data from individual cities and counties in Colorado with mask mandates in place, “we simply found that they work.”

Areas in the state with mask mandates, he said, “had 15 to 20 percent more mask usage and lower spread of the virus, so looking at that data, with the desire to keep the economy open, to maximize the ability to return to school in as safe as way as possible, for teachers and students, the mask mandate was really an easy decision after I saw that data.”