Chris Christie calls Trump's legal team's legal theory an 'absurdity'

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris ChristieChris ChristieChristie, Pompeo named co-chairs of GOP redistricting group Christie: Biden's new vaccine mandate will 'harden opposition' Allies see rising prospect of Trump 2024 White House bid MORE (R) called the legal theory employed by President TrumpDonald TrumpCapitol fencing starts coming down after 'Justice for J6' rally Netanyahu suggests Biden fell asleep in meeting with Israeli PM Aides try to keep Biden away from unscripted events or long interviews, book claims MORE and his legal team to try to overturn the election “an absurdity.” 

When asked by ABC’s “This Week” host Martha Raddatz what he would say to his fellow Republicans who continue to dispute the results of the election, Christie said those efforts are not credible.

“Listen, the legal theory put forward by his legal team and by the president is an absurdity,” Christie said. “And the reason why the Supreme Court didn’t take it is because it’s an absurd idea to think that any state, or any number of states, no matter how good they are, can challenge another state’s right to run the election as they see fit. And also there’s no evidence.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a lawsuit last week suing four other states where President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenCapitol fencing starts coming down after 'Justice for J6' rally Senate parliamentarian nixes Democrats' immigration plan Biden pushes back at Democrats on taxes MORE won the election. Seventeen other state attorneys general and 126 House Republicans put their support behind the lawsuit. On Friday, the Supreme Court rejected the suit.

Raddatz asked Christie what he thought would happen to the Republican Party as a result.

“People are going to have to stand up and start to say these things. I mean, you know, the fact is in Georgia, and people should know this, that signature verification, which the president continues to tweet about, has been done twice in this election,” Christie said.

“The reason the Supreme Court is not taking this is not because of a lack of courage,” Christie said. “It's for the same reason that every court has thrown this out. It's a lack of evidence and a lack of any type of legal theory that makes any sense.”